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Denise Harlow, MSW, CCAP

Chief Executive Officer, Community Action Partnership, Washington, DC



Workshop Title: Beyond Compliance 2.0


Workshop Description: The COE-developed organizational standards work together to characterize an effective and healthy organization. Learn how to use the standards as a platform to take your organization from good to great.


Veronica Zhang

Staff Attorney, CAPLAW

Workshop Title: Techniques and Tools for Effective CAA Board Leadership

Workshop Description: Because of a CAA’s unique board structure, maintaining and growing a positive working relationship between the board and the management team of a CAA can sometimes be challenging.  In this session, we will discuss the legal framework that governs a CAA tripartite board as well as explore key responsibilities of the board in implementing the new CSBG Organizational Standards. We will work through a hypothetical case study to examine the board’s role in navigating gray areas of organizational leadership, including conflicts of interest, roles and responsibilities, internal and external communications, compliance with organizational policies, executive director compensation and succession planning.

Workshop Title: New Rules of the Road: Complying with the FLSA Overtime Rule

Workshop Description: On May 18, 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor issued its long-anticipated “overtime rule” that affects whether certain employees may be treated as exempt from the minimum wage and overtime pay requirements of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The DOL estimates that the new overtime rule, which will go into effect on December 1, 2016, will extend overtime protections to an additional 4.2 million exempt workers who are not currently eligible. This session will review the changes in the rule for CAAs, present various options for compliance, and answer questions about employee classifications.

Lauren Cook

CSBG Team Lead, National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP)

Workshop Title: Getting Ready for the Next Generation of ROMA

Workshop Description: The CSBG Network has been hard at work reviewing and offering feedback on ROMA NG and the CSBG Annual Report. This session will provide an overview of ROMA NG, the CSBG Annual Report, and what is next in the OMB PRA process. Attend this workshop to learn about ROMA Next Generation elements, how it compares to what you have been doing, and what it really means for the Network. The session will also spotlight how CAAs are using data to improve outcomes. Participants will gain an understanding of ROMA Next Generation and understand how the CSBG Annual Report fits into the current CSBG IS report and the larger performance management framework. 

Workshop Title: Doing What Works: Performance Targeting

Workshop Description: This session will explore tools, tactics, and strategies that help agencies improve their targeting skills. Special attention will be given to setting realistic targets based on benchmarks, sub goals, and interim indicators. We will also explore the effective implementation of logic models and other organizational planning and management techniques. Participants will use the ROMA cycle to improve their targeting skills, gain an understanding of the process to set targets, and learn how targeting is both a part of program planning and program evaluation.

Melvin Gravely

CEO, The Gravely Group


Workshop Title: ERSEA: Proven Techniques and Procedures


Workshop Description: This workshop will provide Head Start Personnel with the tools to recruit, enroll, and retain families through proven marketing techniques and strict adherence to the performance standards. In addition, Performance Standards require that Policy Councils and Parent Committees must work in partnership with key management staff and the governing body to develop, review and approve or disapprove the criteria for defining ERSEA in accordance with the requirements of 45 CFR 1305. The focus of this workshop will be on ERSEA regulations, proven marketing techniques, retention and customer service strategies.


Workshop Title: Emerging Leadership Institute: Building Staff from the Inside


Workshop Description: As community action agencies transition with a bit of uncertainty, it is definitely time to grow staff to ensure staff development and retention. This workshop will develop tools and techniques for developing emerging leaders within community action agencies across the United States. Participants will: Identify characteristics of leaders and leadership principles; Identify strategies for developing and nurturing emerging leaders though powerful coaching techniques; Identify (internal/external) obstacles of becoming an emerging leader; Identify elements necessary to develop and build a culture of leadership; Restore a sense of energy, motivation and confidence in their role with parent policy council/committees.

Chelsi Howard

Community Relations Coordinator, Palmetto Community Action Partnership

Workshop Title: All Eyes On You: How To Be a Spokesperson for Your Agency

Description: In the interactive workshop, All Eyes On You: How To Be a Spokesperson for Your Agency, CAA team members at all levels will learn how to best represent their agencies in media interviews, community forums and everyday interactions.  Attendees will get the skills, knowledge and tools to communicate their message effectively during key moments including times of crisis and opportunity.

Workshop Title: Holler If You Hear Me!  Conducting Consistent Community Engagement

Description: For Community Action Agencies to achieve maximum feasible participation, they must regularly engage and get feedback from the communities they serve.  This workshop will examine how special events, measurement tools and everyday interactions can be a great way to engage their community in meaningful dialogue while sharing their agency’s story! 

Keith Hundley

Partner (Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC)


Session Title: Living the Fairytale: Deterring Fraud in Your Community Action Agency

Description: It’s an all-too-common moral of a story: The one we trust the most betrays us.  The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) estimates that all organizations lose, on average, about 5% of revenues to fraud every year. However, the costs of fraud extend far beyond financial losses including possible risk to the organization’s reputation (a vital element in raising funds), and even the personal reputation of board members and executive officers. Further when occupational fraud is revealed organizations often feel pressure to keep quiet and avoid scandal to protect donors and their donations. However, as an organization, executive or board member you control your exposure to fraud and fraud risks. Your fate is to a great extent in your own hands. Financial fraud often occurs in nonprofit organizations due to a lack of resources or knowledge necessary to implement anti-fraud controls. It’s an established fact that the presence of anti-fraud controls reduces significantly both the amount and duration of fraud occurrences. This seminar is designed to specifically assist in identifying areas of heightened fraud risk and controls to mitigate those risks.

Topics include:

  • The high costs of ignoring fraud risks

  • Key fraudster characteristics

  • Results of fraud

  • 6 agency specific risks

  • The fraud triangle

  • Types of nonprofit fraud

  • Board responsibilities

  • Top 10 fraud prevention actions

Session Title: Best Practices in Fiscal Excellence

Description: In this session we will discuss best practices in the areas of fiscal management and integrity, internal controls, and information technology related to fiscal management.  In this session participants will learn the  following:

  • Overview of best practices

  • Fiscal management best practices

  • Ensuring fiscal integrity

  • Designing and implementing effective internal controls

  • Understanding the role IT plays in your Agency

  • Managing risk

Session Title: Understanding Fee for Service and Its Role in Community Action

Description: In this session we’ll discuss using fee for service activities to grow your agency.  Discussion will include understanding the federal rules surrounding fee for services, and how to make fee for service activities work for your agency.

Participants will learn:

-Understanding the rules surrounding fee for service activities

-Fee for service activities: finding what works for your organization

-Protecting your exempt status

Ben Ramsey

President, GLM Management Consulting Group, LLC

Workshop Title: Enhancing Board Effectiveness Through Self-Assessment and Self-Evaluation

Workshop Description: This interactive workshop will explore the importance of board self-assessment and self-evaluation. The workshop will also provide a framework for how to conduct formal board self-assessments and self-evaluations in order to enhancing board performance and improve organizational outcomes.


Workshop Title: Delivering Excellent Service to a Diverse Customer Population

Workshop Description: This workshop is designed to provide participants with the specific knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to deliver excellent service to customers regardless of their background, culture or ethnicity. 

Johnny Rodgers

Coach, JORCO

Workshop Title: Tips/Tools You Can Use, Live a More Stress Free Life

Workshop Description: This presentation is a capsule of information which offers the participants the opportunity to absorb guidance on living a more healthy life. By offering practical information for alleviating stress from everyday life challenges. Information is inclusive of the spirit, mind, and body health.

Workshop Title: Building a Winning Team

Workshop Description: Team Building requires you to develop procedures to encourage positive actions and behaviors from team members. You pinpoint and define responsibility so that all differences are understood and reoslutions to negative behavior are predetermined. People are not naturally cohesive in groups. INdividual motive always will be apparent. You must initiate actions which define and promote understanding and foster harmony. Participate in this workshop to gain team building skills. 

Kayla Sergent

Advancement Director, KCEOC Community Action Partnership


Workshop Title: Social Media Tools and Techniques

Workshop Description: Social media can be a time consuming and confusing task for agencies. Many tools are available to make your agencies social media presence easier and broader. Increasing agency, program, and audience awareness is crucial to the success and reach of an agency. Between publishing and scheduling tools, to analyzing your posts success, all of these can be completed in very few steps. This workshop will equip participants with tools to ease the time and pressures of social media, raise awareness for their agency, develop techniques on how to engage their audience, and how to analyze their success and develop posts around the best response rates.
Material Covered:
•    Posts for engaging and increasing your audience
•    Facebook Manager Tools
•    Hootesuite Cross Publishing Tools
•    Analyzing your published post
•    Increasing your agencies reach
•    Which social media platform is right for you?


Nadine B. Sullivan

Housing Director , Coastal Community Action, Inc.

Session Title: Housing Choice Voucher And Community Action– A Winning Team

Description: Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) and Community Action – A Winning Team is a session designed to enhance an individual’s knowledge of the HCV program and obtain a better understanding of the difference between this program and other rental assistance programs. HCV within a Community Action Agency is much more than an affordable safe, decent rental opportunity for a family, it is about working within the agency and knowing the relationships outside the agency to aid families in need – to help them, help themselves.

H. Lee Davis, Jr.

Senior Partner, Davis & Hamrick, LLP

Workshop Title: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Liability Insurance for Non-Profit Agencies

Workshop Description: This workshop will consider various scenarios where a non-profit agency, its Board, Director, Employees, and volunteers may encounter legal liability as the result of litigation; and how various liability insurance policies may or may not provide coverage, a defense and indemnity.  The presentation will include case studies and suggestions for inventorying liability insurance coverage for the Agency.

Jason Roncoroni

 Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel & Executive Director, Stop Soldier Suicide

Nick Black

Founder & CEO, inKind; Co-Founder, Stop Soldier Suicide

Workshop Title: Coming Home - Military Veteran's Return to the Community

Workshop Description: Stop Soldier Suicide (SSS) is the first national civilian nonprofit dedicated to preventing active duty and veteran suicide.

The intent of this workshop is to have an honest and open conversation about coming home. From WWII to Iraq and Afghanistan, the transition to civilian life is a big adjustment. Jason and Nick will share their journeys, the work at Stop Soldier Suicide and how your organization can better interact and support veterans and their families. 

Nick Black

Founder & CEO, inKind; Co-Founder, Stop Soldier Suicide

Jeremy Berman

Chief Builder, inKind

Workshop Title: inKind: A Community Impact and Engagement Platform for Community Action

Workshop Description: inKind is the first free social platform that brings nonprofits and their communities together through the building of the stories of charitable work. You’re already doing the work. Let’s get more out of it. In this workshop, Jeremy and Nick will work with your team to take you from zero to full throttle #storybuilding. This session will be work. We’re going to get things done and at the end, your team will have a foundation to build on. What’s in it for your agency? Gain efficiencies by consolidating your team’s effort; Magnify your existing website, fundraising and volunteer software effort; Build credibility and trust through transparency; Gain community involvement and attention; Capture your community impact and align businesses interests; Give everyone a role to play in your work. *Please bring a laptop or tablet to this interactive workshop.

Deric Gilliard

Public Affairs Specialist, US Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS)

Workshop Title: Affordable Healthcare Outreach

Workshop Description: This session will focus on improvements to, (as available).  Best practices,  lessons learned and key partnerships  from Open Enrollment 2015 will also be shared. Outcomes will center on best practices surrounding Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace outreach and educational initiatives.

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