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KCEOC Community Action Partnership, Inc. honored with National Community Action Partnership Promise

KCEOC has won the prestigious Promise in Action award for its work toward housing development and severe weather efforts.

The award, presented by the National Community Action Partnership’s (NCAP) during its annual convention, recognizes community action agencies that have been diligently caring for the entire community and remain dedicated to helping individuals help themselves and each other amidst a catastrophe. KCEOC Community Action Partnership, Inc. was honored for its efforts to combat affordable housing and homeless prevention throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the initiative, KCEOC has served more than 1,000 individuals.

“Community Action may not be a first responder, but we are a constant responder,” said KCEOC President and Chief Executive Officer, Paul D. Dole. KCEOC understood the need to do more for families and individuals struggling in the pandemic. The implementation of new programs extends the current work of their agency as their community deals with unprecedent events and weather.

A recipient of the Emergency Solutions Grant, KCEOC serves 16 counties in eastern and central Kentucky to create three new programs: Rapid ReHousing Program, Homeless Prevention, and Hotel Funding for Whitley County. Each of program looks to house and prevent homelessness among residents who were displaced during COVID-19. KCEOC is dedicated to advocating for affordability and empowering the community with emergency assistance and education.

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