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Troy's Success Story: On his feet again!

The Unicoi NSC was contacted by a local homeless shelter on behalf of Troy Odom. He was in the shelter because he’d lost his job, was unable to pay his rent, and was evicted from his home. He stayed in the shelter for about 10 days before finding a new job and a place to live. He came to us looking for assistance with his electric deposit.

When Mr. Odom came to the office, he was surprised to learn that not only could we help with the electric deposit, but he was also eligible for our rent assistance program too. He was excited because he was going to borrow money from friends and family to pay his rent until he received his first paycheck.

When Mr. Odom was leaving to go to the electric company to get documentation for his deposit, NSC staff noticed he did not have a vehicle. He had been walking everywhere he needed to go. In fact, he’d walked nearly 5 miles in 90-degree heat to get the papers he needed for the deposit! The NSC Case Managers mentioned that we could help him purchase a vehicle through our employment program. He was taken back, and gratefully accepted.

Mr. Odom is very thankful for all the assistance he has received through us and is excited to be getting his life back together. He is in the second month of our rent program, and we were able to help purchase a car for him from a local car dealer to be able to get to work without walking to relying on others for transportation. In just a month, he has gone from living in a shelter, to being able to drive himself to and from work, and living independently in an apartment.

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